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For all the secret goths out there. 

Heart Attack Man. 

Paul Whites new album is a bit of an interesting listen. 

Ambient beats mixed with a haunting vocal over lay. 

King Capisce have been tipped by The Guardian for a Mercury Music Award, and this is why. Post rock mixed with Jazz. Its something, something amazing. 

Boston Manor stream teaser of their new EP ‘Driftwood’ out via Failure By Design Records Oct 13th. 

Been away with Fox And The Law and The greasy Slicks this week. 

Looking forward to hearing the new Aphex Twin record on the 22nd after a 13year wait. 

Anonymous said: hi there! i was just wondering what kind of record player you have? thanks!

Hey, I seem to get this question a lot. I have a Technics SL-1800 turntable, but its part of a AKAI hi-fi. The model has been discontinued now as it was made in the 80s.