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Looking forward to hearing the new Aphex Twin record on the 22nd after a 13year wait. 

Anonymous said: hi there! i was just wondering what kind of record player you have? thanks!

Hey, I seem to get this question a lot. I have a Technics SL-1800 turntable, but its part of a AKAI hi-fi. The model has been discontinued now as it was made in the 80s. 

Buttercups video from Nai Harvest. Pretty darn good i’d say.

Yay! TMP have a new record coming out through Triple Crown!

Most likely going to be one of my favourite records of the year. 

Shambles In A Husk. Its fast, loud and great. Imagen Pulled Apart By Horses on speed. 

Another twiddly beautiful song from my favourite Japanese math rock trio. 

So much vibe on the new Kiasmos Edit. Erased Tapes is also one of my favourite record labels for experimental, electronic and electro classical music.